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Lisa Came

Who Am I

I am an energetic and passionate 28 year old mom of two. 

My journey to fitness started with illness, as a child I suffered many broken bones, sicknesses and operations. The worst of these ailments was when I was diagnosed with tuberculosis of the bone. This resulted in many trips to the hospital, various procedures and a large amount of medication. One of the treatments was regular visits to the biokineticist, she was at the time studying to become a Pilates instructor and used every opportunity to include Pilates into our sessions. Her passion for the body, movement and Pilates in general sparked my interest as well. As I learnt about the benefits of core stability and muscular control and the way in which functional training can improve posture and alleviate pain I was hooked. 

Along with my myriad of physical concerns growing up, I was also diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by a psychologist. This is where I discovered my love for Yoga. Yoga has a way of creating calm within one, without you having to try to create it. As someone who suffers from extreme anxiety the thought of sitting alone with my thoughts is frightening but Yoga allows me the same benefits of meditation through movement and breath. I have often said “I do Pilates for my body and I do Yoga for my mind.”

Since discovering the amazing benefits of movement I went on to study through STOTT International, I have completed my Matwork levels 1 & 2 as well as Intermediate Reformer courses through STOTT. I furthered my studies into human movement by completing a National Certificate in Fitness from ETA college. Once I discovered the benefits of Yoga I completed a Yoga Instructors course through ETA.

What I Do

I offer a range of session themes all relating to movement. You can book the following online or in person : 

Postural Analysis ( Physical Consultation preferable) 

Introduction Sessions ( Introduction to Yoga or Pilates ) 

One on one, Duet or Small Group Sessions for Pilates, Functional Training or Yoga 

I also offer Yoga Retreats throughout the year as well as movement workshops, programs, and weight management challenges. Please see the programs and packages page.  

Session Fee

60-minute session: R300

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